1988-1999 Regional youth exhibition, Simpheropol.
1989  Second republican youth exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine.
1991-1992 Red Square Gallery, London, UK.
1991-1992 The Croydon Art Gallery, Croydon, UK.
1992 Solo exhibition: The Croydon Art Gallery
1992 “From Russia with Love”, exhibition in Arnhem Gallery, Croydon, UK.
1993 David Harrington Gallery, London, UK.
1994-2016 Petra Art Gallery, Venice, Italy.
1994- 2016 Osvaldo Bohm Gallery, Venice, Italy.
1995- 2003 San Giorio Gallery, Portofino, Italy.
1996- 2016 Ponte Vecchio Gallery, Florense, Italy.
2001-2003 Optimum Gallery, Nice, Franse.
2001 Solo exhibition, Portland, USA.
2001 Solo exhibition, Moscow, Russia.
2002 Solo exhibition in Medichi Haus Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
2012 Colosseum fine arts, San Diego, USА.
2012 Celebration fine art, San Diego, USA.
2013 ART EXPO, New York, USA.
2013 The Museum of Russian Art (МоRА) in conjunction with 25CPW Gallery International Art Show: Visual Variety, New York, USA
2013 The Museum of Russian Art (МоRА), The Romantic Memory Art Show, New York, USA


His work is represented in galleries and private collections in France, England, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, United States, Russia and Ukraine.